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PI App: Luz by Xaika PI App: Luz by Xaika
Some of you may know this name. I must have been having subliminal nostalgia feels, because I created his name totally on accident- only realizing it was the name of someone I knew after I finished the animation. Still gonna keep it.

 3rd Character, Yay! I was going to do a Reuniclus, but unfortunately, He was too high leveled for the new level system //sobs. Have a Shiny Umbreon instead~


Luke (He calls himself Luz, and Will introduce himself as such) Grahm








Luz is a bit of a packrat. He has quite a few possessions he brought from home, and the quality they are in shows how much he cares for each item. He Has his laptop, and artist tablet and pen, Old and new sketchbooks, and a small Lum tree he keeps and nourishes to counter his ability. He always carried at least two lum berries from his tree, for himself and whomever he may afflict. He also carries around technology books and cracks 'em open when he's alone, hoping no one will notice.


Confuse Ray(Level up), Pursuit(level up), Dark Pulse (TM), Feint Attack (Level up)


{Intelligent} {Cynical} {Patient} {Creative} {Impulsive} {Determined} {Defiant}

He can come off a bit cold at first, and he usually doesn't like having too many people around (It makes him nervous), but once you get to know him, you'll find that Luz is very intelligent, despite what his style may propose.

He usually doesn't Care about what others may Say about him and how he looks, however, he is a bit embarrassed by the fact that he's really quite a nerdy person at heart.

He finds a lot of interest in computer technology, wanting to take apart computers- old calculators- game devices, and reassemble them, or even refurbish them from time to time. He can also be humorous, however, it is usually Dry humor.

Sometimes, he can do things without thinking- this can be good and bad, for he could have a great idea or explanation for something, however, he could also hurt someone unintentionally.

He will care for the people he gets close to. Sure, He'll call them 'freak'or 'doofus' from time to time, but rest assured that those are just endearing nicknames to the little anti-social.


Luz had a fairly normal life. He wasn't bullied or anything, he just never really cared to connect with people always wanting to play on his game systems or read a book instead of playing with the other kids in his grade. His favorite time to play outside, if he ever did, was night time, and he evolved into an Umbreon when he was about 13, with his parent's approval. He just wanted to get that over with, honestly. He was already determined to become on because of their unique and futuristic pattern, and considered them much more interesting than any of the others. 

He fell in love with gaming, and other new devices that came out wondering how they worked to create the images he saw on the screen. He started to draw up ideas for new phone designs, Game systems and their cartridges- and all sorts or random inventions.

Though he was enthusiastic about this, he had really no interest in school, and his grades fell for that. He would rather draw up new devices or play on his video games than do homework or make up work. He was getting by in elementary and middle school with Cs and Ds and an A in art. His teachers knew he was an intelligent kid, and wanted to help him, but he just didn't really care... That is, until freshman year. 

He got a real kick in the butt, when he realized the school he wanted to go to wouldn't accept him because of his grades. What school was this? Well, It was the famous Poke-Institute of course! He wanted entrance into their Latios dorm, knowing it would further him in his quest to work for high-end technology institutions in the future. Bitter, and defeated by his own lack of will, Luz returned to his hometown for his first year. This time, however, he wasn't going to just waste time. Maybe he could be Lax in his personality, but now he knew he couldn't fail in his studies if he wanted to continue to pursue his goals.

This Year, he Proudly walked up to the institute, and turned in his report card for the year, asking to transfer into their program. He had gotten straight As. 

In the institute, He will not loose sight of the goal he has set, and will indeed continue to keep his grades up. However, he may get in a bit of trouble if he ever talks back to a teacher or bickers with another student. But, usually, He's a fairly tolerable guy, and will never deny the opportunity to show someone his favorite sketches, or inform them on the advancements in nanotechnology. 

Other Information:

- His Rings Glow, like a real Umbreon~
- Proud of his Shiny status, but doesn't really care to show it off, thinking people judge him by that fact
- Actually likes his glasses
- Often pretends to have 'Mean Look' ... oh wait...
- If he likes you, he might give you one of his sketches when you ask- just not his favorites
- His least favorite subject is history... unless it's the history of technology
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LaTrumpeta Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
omg i just realized... Luke Grahm?? sounds quite familiar.... hmmmmm.
Xaika Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014
Shhhhhhh It sounded like a nice name at the time ok? fidwako
LaTrumpeta Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I just find that extremely funny.. His favorite band should be Since october! LOL
Xaika Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
Bahaha! Maybe~ ovo
Kino-Ink Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Bwah....*staaares* Umbreon...shiny....
Xaika Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
Indeed ** oh! He and Neva have to meet as fellow shiny eeveelutions~ ovo
Kino-Ink Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Neva: :blush:
Xaika Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
Luz: *Looks over at her, confused as to why she looks flustered* Uh... Hello...?
Kino-Ink Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
*looks through his papers* I think these two could get along veeeerrry well *wink*
Xaika Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
Pfffttt. Well they're both shiny! And He likes to draw too ovo I definitely think they'd get along! They could even share art and stuff~
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